CATTINI LAB III                                   2021

University of Manitoba

MANITOBA: Home of the Churchill Polar Bears, Winnipeg Jets and Cattini Lab

Areas of Research Interest

The effect of overeating and obesity on human pituitary growth hormone/placental lactogen production

and activity in puberty and pregnancy.

A role for fibroblast growth factor in cardiac maintenance and protection against heart damage and failure.

LABORATORY MEMBERS                                          

Peter, Professor

Margaret, Technician (Lab Admin)                    

Yan, Research Associate (Specialist)                        

Jessica, Postdoctoral Fellow                    

Noshin, M.Sc.student                                   

Showall, M.Sc. student                                   


Laboratory Contact Information

Peter A. B. Cattini

Department of Physiology & Pathophysiology,

University of Manitoba,

Room 419, Basic Medical Sciences Building,

745 Bannatyne Avenue,

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3E 0J9.

Tel: (204) 789 3503, Fax: (204) 789 3494,


Lab Meetings 2021